5 Must See Tips to Protect Your Skin from the Sun!

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We all love palm trees, pool parties, and the beach time.  Well this all means summer time!  With all the fun we can have outdoors during summer, we are all very exposed to the warming but dangerous rays.  The sun can damage your skin, changing its appearance as you age and it can even promote growths on your skin.  We want your skin to stay beautiful with a nice glow!

Feeling the Vibe Magazine teamed up with HSN for a summer feature entitled “Safe and Stylish in the Sun.”

We don’t believe that you should be at risk to have fun so our experts at Feeling the Vibe are going to share with you wonderful and easy ways to protect your skin from the sun.  Let’s start!

Tip #1:Get UPF Clothing! Did you know that there are special clothes out there on the market now that protect you from the sun?  Look for clothing with a UPF of 50+.

If you are unable to get the UPF clothing, no worries.  We have you covered.  Did you know the sun’s rays can radiate through your clothing?  There are some fabrics that are much better to wear while outside.  Yes to those cool denim jeans and that nylon top you just got!  Dark colored clothing as well as shiny and satin type of fabrics also are great aids in sun protection.  Stay away from the loosely woven fabrics.

Check out this cute UPF 50+ protected clothing by clicking the image below:

Tip #2: Protect your Head! Those wide brimmed beach hats are in fact just what you need.  They help protect not only your scalp but your ears and nose as well.

Tip #3: Apply sunscreen before you head out! Did you know that it takes time for sunscreen  to set in?  Experts say that it takes nearly 20 minutes for the sunscreen to start seeping into your skin before it can fully protect you from the UV rays.  So start lathering early!

Recommendation: A great day cream is Signature Club A’s Argan Oil Face Cream.  Loaded with moisture rich Argan oil and Broad Spectrum 25 +, you will be glowing and protected!  $28.50 at HSN.  Visit HSN to find out more.

Tip #4: Don’t be fooled by the weather!  Most of us attribute suntans and sunburns with the hot summer sun.  While this usually is true, our skin is also very affected by any sunshine.  Always be sure to carry your sunscreen with you, even in the cold winter temperatures.  When the sun is out, there is always risk for skin damage.

Tip #5:  Check your Clock.  The most dangerous times to be catching rays are during 10am – 2pm.  Avoid these times of day when the sun is the strongest and opt for late afternoon or really early morning if you’re an early bird!

Below, the beauty team at Feeling the Vibe worked hard to put together a stylish but sun-safe outfit for those summer nights that will A) make you feel beautiful and B) keep those dangerous rays away.

Sun Blocked Outfit!

Top: While the black top has spaghetti straps, the material on this tank top is satin which is sun-safe.
Jeans: Next we have these dark wash denim jeans.  Denim is a great fabric to protect you from the sun, plus the darker the better.
Hat: Go with a wide brimmed black hat for overall scalp, nose, and ear protection.
Bag: The black backpack makes it easy to walk around a city or on a boardwalk hands free and a great place to carry your extra sunblock.
Sunblock Time: Make sure to lather the exposed areas, face, arms, hands, shoulders, and feet with SPF of 30 (recommended).

This summer outfit was designed with the goal to obtain a cute look and provide sun protection.

This summer outfit was designed with the goal to obtain a cute look while still providing sun protection.

Feelingthevibe is the owner of Feeling the Vibe Magazine.