5 Fab Fall Must-haves!

Summer’s all gone and it’s time to buckle up. Gone are the lazy days spent sunbathing on the beach and picking up a game of volleyball. Gone are the those sunsets spent walking up and down the boardwalk with a dripping ice cream cone in your hand. Gone are the… Alright, alright, I’m gonna stop. Just remembering all of summer’s perks makes me sad and nostalgic.

So fall is setting in and depending on where you live, you’ll be bundling up pretty soon. Having just moved to New England myself, I’m not really looking forward to it. To those of you who are lucky enough to experience summer all year long, well, we (or specifically I) envy you.

Regardless of where you live, there are some items you just can’t live without.

133117880401. Light, Printed Scarf

Whether you live in Minnesota or Hawaii, a light scarf is always a must. It’s perfect for cool nights and easy to carry in a purse. You can even play around with it, tying it around your purse handles to add a pop of color or do just about anything. Wear it around your head, your neck, your jeans, your bag, and you’ll find that it was just the accessory you needed. Get your scarf in a pretty plaid or paisley pattern, stripes, polka dot, or just a bright, vibrant color will work perfectly with any of your outfits, whether you’re trying to keep warm or are enjoying a day in the sun.

img-thing2. Flat Buckle Bootie

They’re comfortable, they’re edgy, they’re cool and they’re just what you need this fall. The flat buckle boot is exactly what any girl needs for the fall: comfort, ease, and trendiness. They’re the perfect shoe to add a twist to a feminine outfit and they can be paired with skirts, skinny jeans, mini shorts… anything.¬†Alexa Chung is all about the flat buckle boot, and you know that when a celebrity is always on Vogue’s best dressed list, she must know a thing or two about fashion.

aw12_cut_outs_32-23. Digi Print Blouse

I’ve caught on to this trend about a month ago and I love my digi-print blouses! They’re airy and light and come in fun colors like turquoise, fuschia, and navy blue. I’ve been able to dress them down with jeans or mini skirts and dress them up with pencil skirts and blazers and let me just say that if you haven’t gotten yourself a digi print blouse, you’re missing out! Nothing says fashionista like futuristic top!

Giuseppe-Zanotti-Studded-Metallic-Leather-Sneakers-4. Metallic Sneaker

Everyone and I mean everyone¬†has been catching up on this new trend. Olivia Palmer included, this trend has taken over celebrities’ Fall list and Feeling the Vibe has been rocking this look for a while now. Silver and gold are the go-to colors for the metallic sneaker but you can also splurge on something ombre or ebony. The metallic sneaker can and will spice up any outfit of yours this fall!

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Aqua-Turlington-Racer-Front-Mini-Dress5. Racer-Front Dress

This one’s for all you fashionistas out there who love their nights out. Remember the racer-back dress? Yeah, that’s long gone. The racer back has decidedly moved up this fall and is a must for any of your nights out. Whether you’re at a cocktail party, going dancing for a Girls Night Out, or just hitting up the new bar in town, you’ll be on the list for the best dressed.

Sabrina is our newest teen intern specializing in young dating life and fashion.