9 Tips to Have Your Music Heard on the Internet

9 Tips to Get Your Music Heard on the Internet

In this highly connected internet world, having your own music heard is actually easier than you might think. With sites like myspace and youtube suddenly creating internet stars, now is just about the best time as any to really get your music heard. The internet is a stage for musicians, and it’s time you stepped out and took the spotlight. Here are some tips to help you get started…

1. Start a music myspace – simple you may think, but that’s not where it stops, you can’t simply put your music on a myspace profile and cross your fingers that everyone will hear it. Starting a music myspace is just the beginning.

2. Be sure to have clear and crisp recordings of your music, putting up a home recording of your band will not let people feel you are serious about your music. You can find some great professional recording studio software that you can use and emulate an actual studio recording.

3. Include a well written band biography, but not something that sounds “too professional.” Write it from your own point of view to show your new potential fans that you are the one creating this myspace as it will give them a little more of who you are.

4. Put up pictures of your band and include a few of each individual member.

5. Update often by signing in and writing blogs. They can be about a new recording session, a song you’re writing, or just music in general. This will help you connect to the vast myspace music fan base.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote! Respond to people who leave comments for you, show that there is a real person behind this myspace, with a real passion for music. Nobody’s commenting? Take the initiative and thank people who add you on myspace, but don’t use a generic “thanks for the add.” Instead, thank them and ask them what type of music they enjoy or what they think of your new tracks. This social network is really about connecting with people.

7. There are other sites to jump on besides Myspace, but we feel myspace should be your first spot to join. Then you should try out purevolume, as long as you have your own tracks, put them up there, and use the same name as you use on your myspace. (ie: www.myspace.com/jimsband and www.purevolume.com/jimsband )

8. Create a video of your band performing, put it on youtube, put that youtube video on your myspace and other websites. This will give the fans an even better visual of who you are.

9 Keep going, never let feedback stop you from going for your dreams, just see it as a way to fine tune your craft and make it the best it can be. Myspace, purevolume and the like are ways to get out on the stage to find ways to get your music ready for the world.

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