5 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language!

LanguageNowadays, practically everyone is learning another language, or at least trying to. The most popular language to learn is English, following with Spanish and French. Study tools used include books, textbooks, videos, flash cards, and app programs. Well, why do people try so hard and study for so many years to learn a language they may not even need in their native country? Read on to find out 5 common reasons!

1) You want to live in a country where that language is spoken!

Some people will fall in love with a country so much that they will want to move there and settle down. If you live in the United States and plan on moving to France when you get older, learning French will come in great handy. You must be able to communicate with people on a conversational level, or at least be able to understand the basics. If you can’t even understand how to ask for some bread when you go into a store, how do expect to survive in that country? Using a translator will only help you up to a certain point, but it won’t save you from using the correct grammar. By learning the language, you will be able to speak with native speakers and polish off your skills to become a fluent speaker.

2) You love foreign movies and would like to understand what the actors are saying!

Let’s be honest, there are some wicked, romantic movies out there that are not in your native language. Although subtitles and translations can be helpful, realistically many times they are not translated properly. Besides, nobody likes to squint in front of their TV for 2 hours to read the subtitles on the bottom of the screen. Even if you are fine with the translations, is it really as interesting to hear a monotone voice speak in place of the actors? Being able to understand the language will help you know what is going on in the movie and pick up some common and handy expressions from the language. In addition, it becomes much more interesting to be able to understand and feel what the actors are trying to convey without leafing through a translator while disturbing others.

3) You are adventurous and love to travel!

If you are a fan of visiting different countries and learning about new cultures, learning a common language such as English or Spanish will come at a benefit. French is spoken in over 40 countries around the world with more than 100 million speakers. Over 58 countries consider English as their official language and majority of the workers in airports and hotels understand it. However, although English is an international language, it may not seem appropriate to go to Russia and begin speaking to people as if it’s their native language. Besides, if you are asking for directions and people don’t understand you, they may send you to a completely different location. In addition, languages such as French and Spanish have different words for “you,” depending on whether you are addressing someone formally or non-formally. You do not want to insult someone by referring to them as a friend when really the person you are speaking with is a college professor. Therefore, if you speak another language, you are the winner and a whole door of opportunities will open for you!

4) You want to improve your vocabulary and memorization skills!

Believe it or not, the more languages you know, the better your vocabulary becomes. If you plan on studying Latin for instance, majority of the root words are ones used in English and other languages. This may come in handy while you are studying for your vocabulary test and even the SAT. Not only will you become a better speaker in the language you are learning, but improve your skills and wording in your native language. Studies have also shown that students who are learning a second language receive better scores on standardized examinations, especially math, reading, and vocabulary. When you are learning another language, you are training your brain by practicing memorization skills. These are helpful in preparing for exams and connecting root words to languages that you know!

5) You want to meet new people and make new friends!

Whether online or in the real world, understand more languages will help you become friends with far more people. There are many people who will not understand your native tongue and communicating will be difficult unless you both speak a common language. If you are traveling to another country you may meet an interesting group of people. Approaching them will become quite difficult if you only know how to say “hi!” and “bye!” Speaking their language will open a door of new opportunities to become friends and might even help you make some business connections with people. Besides, you may even meet the love of your life on one of your trips, such as a vacation in Paris! Just remember the word for love in French is amour and make sure you know the lyrics to Edith Piaf’s Sous le ciel de Paris!

Are you learning any new languages?

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